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Web advertising just evolved. Again.

You know that targeting the right prospects increases your lead flow, your revenues -- and your profits. That's all about demographics. If you could dynamically characterize your best leads, and sites gave you correspondingly characterized demographic data on visitors, you could better tune your targeting. If only.

If you knew your leads' demographics before they became leads -- and before you paid for them, and your company paid even more to follow them up -- then you could dramatically improve your yields -- and your company's bottom line. If only.

You also know that your best prospects almost always know others who are just like them. If only your message could easily reach them too.

The era of "if only" just ended.

In creating MBSelect, we studied the fully integrated economics of going from web-ad to profitable new account, and built an ad model which has better productivity at every stage of the process, yielding greater results for less money. It's that simple. And it's very easy for advertisers to use.

Some might say that we have successfully process re-engineered the conversion of web impressions into profitable accounts -- and they'd be correct.

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