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User-Friendly Advertising™

What if the ads you saw on the web were almost always going someplace of interest to you? And what if they made it blissfully convenient for you to learn more, try out a new service, lock in a great deal or discount, share it with your friends -- or get back to that same advertiser when you've got a bit more time to spend learning about their products or services?

That's User-Friendly Advertising. And it's the experience we deliver with MBSelect.

User-Friendly is Good for Advertisers -- and for You

"I know that half my advertising budget is wasted. I just don't know which half!" This is a famous adage in the advertising industry. And it's almost always true. Except when both halves are wasted.

Some advertisers do waste boatloads of money. And some admit their ads can waste people's time -- and try their patience. Fill out that long reply form. Enter your email twice -- you know the drill. But advertisers really don't want to waste your time -- or try your patience. And they surely don't want to waste their money. For many advertisers, acquiring new customers takes up a bigger chunk of their revenues than ever before in the history of the free market system.

So what would happen if advertisers only had to spend 1/2 of what they currently spend to get matched off with the right customers? Well, for one thing, they could charge less for their products and services, passing substantial savings on to you. Competitive forces dictate that's exactly what would happen -- and does.

Ads as Information

We all understand that advertisers support so many of those great web services we enjoy for free. They are an essential part of the web ecosystem. Some say they're a necessary evil. But done right, they don't have to be an "evil" at all. In fact, good ads are really just information that we might find useful aren't they?

MBSelect is all about helping advertisers become information providers and doing it in a way which helps cutomers get the most out of that information, and their time -- and their money.

Information is Good

It can can save you time. It can save you money. If it's accessible and shareable, it can save you even more time and money, and do the same for your friends and colleagues. For those who purchase products and services as part of their job, good information saves their organization money, and improves its productivity.

So how would modern web advertising work if it were reshaped in this way?

It would be informative. It would be specific. It would be appropriate to your needs and interests. It would be actionable. It would be easy to interact with and respond to. It would be available to you instantly -- whenever or wherever you needed it. And it would be easy to share.

In short, it would be MBSelect.

MBSelect - Where You Define You

Much of the misdirected advertising on the web comes from ad networks that think they've got you all figured out. They're trying to define you. But far too often, they've got you all wrong. And the result? More wasted ad spend. The wrong message to the wrong audience. Higher costs for the advertiser, and higher prices for you.

With MBSelect, we do another thing which is a bit radical. We let you define you. Why? Because we think you are the best source of this information, and your "you" will be a more accurate and honest "you" than some computerized cookie composite thrown together in a microsecond by an ad server somewhere.

You know you, we know you do.

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